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Adapt to integrated puskesmus and champions : HpSamsung

Role of The West Java Provincial Health Office in Fighting COVID-19


Against the Covid-19 pandemic, which has not subsided so far,  the West Java Provincial Health Office has made a variety of efforts.   The reason is that West Java itself is one of the places infected with the corona virus which is big. Only a week ago, the number of  victims has increased.


Based on the West Java Covid Information and Coordination Center, the  highest number of cases occurred  in the Bekasi area.  However, the  highest recovery rate is  also found in Bekasi  . West Java still has  many  residents  in Covid case care.  Those who are  positive  will be quarantined.


You can do the separation process either in your hospital or at your own home. For cases of this virus, it is said that if the patient has recovered or even died, it will end. Meanwhile, in West Java itself, many cases of people dying from Covid are also being reported.


The nature of covid positive cases can also be arbitrary. It depends on how to deal with it. Therefore, the government and health offices in West Java are also making various efforts to minimize the number of deaths of Covid-19 victims. So far, the role of health workers is required.


West Java health  workers  have been vaccinated


In order to minimize the number of deaths from this Covid virus or get infected, the  government of the  west Java Provincial Health Office concerned also did many things. As for example it is doing new vaccinations. In fact, in Indonesia, vaccines have come out, but for recipients, not all of them.


The first recipients of the vaccine are health workers and related parties. In West Java alone, about 80% of health workers have been vaccinated against Covid-19 with the Sinovac vaccine themselves   .  Vaccines from the government are still unable to reach all health workers in West Java.


This is because everyone will get two doses. So that even though it is lacking, the West Java government will also try to get it accepted immediately so that it can be used. Even the West Java Provincial Health Office will vaccinate its residents.  While some things hinder the process of  vaccination,  they can  be overcome immediately.


For the number of vaccines required by the residents of West Java themselves, they will have to wait again. Because the population living in this area  itself is quite high.  In fact, this number  is  the largest in  Indonesia  .  So that the administration of vaccines can also  be done  in phases.  But despite this, everyone will get  the mother’s milk vaccine.


In addition, other problems arising from the administration of this vaccine  are due to the  advantages and disadvantages of the type of  vaccine. Many people refused the vaccine as there was no MUI and BPOM label   . However, the issuance of legalization   from  the two institutions eventually led to west  Java residents  being sought to be vaccinated.


Puskesmus  plays a role in the fight against Covid-19


To fight this coronavirus case, the West Java Provincial Health Office and its government also began to create a program, called an integrated and champion health center. At the beginning of the establishment of a program to deal with coronavirus cases, the government distributed to many health workers.


Earlier, the health centre that was trusted to handle Covid cases was also in a bad shape.  But now an update  is being  done where health workers from dedicated  health centres are mobilised  to  take care of Covid victims.  So that in the end other  diseases can be taken care of. This  makes  the vaccination ineffective to complete.


In the meantime, in order to handle the cases of corona virus victims themselves, it should be special and intense. So that the health workers could not work well in the first place. So that the latest programme was created, i.e. an integrated health centre to exclusively handle Covid cases.  The program  was created by the West Java government  .


The government hopes that with the deployment of new health workers in Puskamasma,  it can maximize its performance. The  role  of the West Java Provincial Health Office  is  also very important in making this program  a success in itself.  In the meantime, the West Java government  itself needs to keep a large number of new medical staff in Puskama.


This method itself is  one of the inventions made by the West Java government to overcome this corona virus epidemic.   By optimizing the role of Puskamma to handle  it.  Thus, there are also more and more human resources so that the program can be run successfully.


Adapt to integrated puskesmus and champions


With regard  to the unified Puskmas and Champion or PUSPA, this is  a new way for the  provincial government and the West  Java Provincial Health Office  to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. This is done by adapting the role of Puskamasma in itself.  In some areas of West Java, it has been implemented.


Through this PUSPA programme, the governmentcollaborates among professions to get involved in different job areas. It is used to improve tracing, testing and treatment use. Not only this, it is also used to maximize the 3M fixed by the government.


It has also been implemented so that tackling the coronavirus outbreak can be maximized. The purpose of creating this PUSPA programme is that the community will be obedient in the use of 3M. Earlier, health workers who were asked to take care of Covid themselves were also working on other things outside the outbreak of the virus.


Meanwhile,  the main job of  the medical officers is to  take care of Covid themselves in accordance with the provisions of the West  Java Provincial Health Office  , especially to address the problem of corona. They are asked to find out about people who are actually affected by the virus and need to report and come to the respective health centre.


The team of this PUSPA will also be tasked with tracing the nearest contact residents themselves. Because earlier, there were not many cases that were successfully tracked. It  therefore needs to be adapted to maximize the performance of the program created earlier by the West Java government. Puspa will be divided into all regions of West Java.


Mobile Poseandu for Red Zone


In the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, the government and the West  Java Provincial Health Office also continue to give importance to the health of their people. Of course, you should still implement the protocols that have been laid down by the government. However, especially for areas that are in the red zone, these basic health activities are carried out around.


The health workers along with the concerned parties  will conduct mobile posiyadu to minimise the cases of death due to other things. This health programme itself is done by the medical personnel themselves with the relevant equipment directly in the homes of the people. The implementationitself will be done as per the existing protocol.


The working technique is adjusted based on the needs alone. Usually the possayandu will be done by assembling itself in one place. However, moving around it, residents only remain at home, later they will be seen directly by West Java Regional Medical Officers.  So that the implementation itself is actually in accordance with what is needed.


The current Covid-19 pandemic, which is still congested, has caused problems to many sectors. But now protocols are in place that minimise the spread.  With the help  of the community that follows government  rules  and  the  West Java Provincial Health Office,  deaths  are also decreasing and recovered cases are also increasing.

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