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JR East Travel Service Center Japan Travel Friend : Polibatam

JR East Travel Service Center Japan Travel Friend

Holidays in Japan are a dream of many people who want to learn the culture and culture of Japan ‘s society , but you should understand that visiting is recommended to need the help of the JRIst Travel Service Centre . Especially for those of you who want to travel and visit eastern Japan , especially Tokyo , Shivia and Yugi .

But before that , you need to know what the Japan Train Travel Service Centre really is . In general , it is part of a train company in Japan that provides facilities for tourists who want to use public transport in the form of a shinkanson high-speed train or normal train .

If you want to travel somewhere in Japan , you should use the SERVICES of the JRSt Travel Service Centre to go using train transport  .  As we know , trains in Japan are actually the main public transport because they use fast time and cover the entire area of the city to the end of Japan . Alway.

For general information , Japan ‘s train trip is one of the state-owned companies that focuses on train transport . Meanwhile , japan ‘s eastern railway hub is itself a separate part of its goal of helping tourists when they want to travel using public rail transport  .

How to use japan ‘s train service centre services

To use this , you must first book a travel ticket to Japan with the above services and the cover area you want to visit . To order this , you can  see the official website of the JRSt Travel Services Centre or you can also order the travel services of the Third Party of Japan in Indonesia  .

Then you will see some information specifically to pass permission and services while in Japan , make sure to read in detail about the privileges you receive . There are usually several privilege options when booked with foreign travel services such as normal privileges or premium privilege services .

Of course , these two special permitletters have their respective duties and uses when they are abroad , including Japan . The JRSt Travel Service Centre itself has the privilege of using public rail transport at the first cost when paying train tickets for tourists for 6 days after the issuance  of a transport card  .

Card work is a privilege for tourists to use trains and visit eastern Japanese cities . As the name suggests , the east of Japan ‘s train has a transport privileges area that you can see by train . It is usually used to visit Tokyo or Shibuya Japan .

Before , when you complete the payment of travel services after booking all tourist service privileges in  Japan ,  you will receive an exchange order via e-mail or pir  . You should know that  the exchange order is very important to use later in Japan when visiting the JRH Travel Service Centre    .

Exchange order process with transport privileges

Before visiting Japan , do not forget to provide all necessary personal information , such as passport exchange orders . Generally ,  the exchange order for rail transport privileges , you can find it at the airport to have an agent or management staff at the Japan Rail Car Service Center  .

But before that , of course , you should request evidence in the form of a seal for temporary visits or  be generally told as a temporary visitor who uses a passport to the Immigration Officer  ‘s Office . The seal of proof from the  Temporary Meeting Tent will be used to collect information from the JRSt Travel Service Center to meet the privileges obtained . The subject shall be processed further  .

When you want to find a travel service centre office , you should use a map or ask the officer about the location of japan ‘s nearest train service office . But of course , the airport is home to japan ‘s train travel department office for specific purposes with any tourists who want to travel to Japan ‘s glass.

When you find the nearest office of japan ‘s train travel department  , use a temporary or temporary visitor to tourists and exchange orders that you have already prepared to receive privileges from the JR East Travel Service Centre  . But remember that this privilege can only be used for rail transport in eastern Japan .

This privilege cannot be used for rail transport in western regions such as Hokkaido, Japan . But even though you only use east rail public transport privileges , you can still visit interesting places in Japan . Of course , this place is a place for many to write to look at the icons of eastern Japanese tourists .

Visit to Eastern Japan

The first is The City of Tokyo Dome , which became a tourist icing of the best sports arena in Tokyo . With the JR Ast Travel Service Centre , you can visit this place at a cheap transport cost because of the privileges you have already received  . For your place , tokyo ‘s Mim  city is located near the Sidobashi station of the Japanese train line .

In addition to the playgrounds , you can also visit The Suruga Castle , a better place for tourists who want to enjoy the Museum of Japanese History than the Shogoonat era . In a great battle with its history , it is well known for the courage of samurai , at that time it became the last hideout of Tsoruga Castle .

To visit Tesoroga Fortress , you can buy a bus from the Ayazo Wakamatsu station aimed at Kitadamaro-Odwe . Then you will see thousands of trees growing next to the fortress because they are used as a cultural heritage as well as a museum . Of course , with the  help of JRAst travel service centres you can easily visit these places  .

In addition to museums and playgrounds , you can also visit the Zoo , which has 120 types of animals . To get there , you only need to walk from the Bo-Dobutsu-Coyn station for 20 minutes . In addition , the Zoo also offers full recreational spaces such as playgrounds and swimming pools .

Definitive reasons why you should use Japan ‘s train travel services

With the help of the JRH Travel Service Centre , it will be easy for you to visit the recruitment of any tourists in eastern Japan  . The presence of privileges in the field of transport will make you very comfortable on the trip , especially with the privileges provided by the Japanese railway service .

Indeed , in addition to Japan ‘s railways , there are other branch offices in the eastern part of Japan that pay attention to tourist travel in western Japan . Of course , these two offices have different privileges and benefits in tourist service policy . With this service , many people are satisfied during a trip to Japan ‘s glass flower country .

We can easily visit the icons of the beauty and heartbreaking tourists due to the presence of public transport for tourists . Easy access to information as well as travel services are a benefit of Japanese travel . This includes the JR East Travel Service Centre , which is the key to travel facilities in eastern Japan  .

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