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Rebel founder in TII West Java : Capcus

TI West Java and its history of hiding in its causes


One kind of revolt that many people remember  of his day was  THE INTII West Java, because it was  enough  to cause a  lot of deaths,  in fact, that event  took place some time  ago, and many people still remember it today.


Even after the Indonesian Republic of Indonesia became independent, people fought harder, and national heroes showed more than during the Indonesian struggle Even then, Indonesians themselves became vulnerable, which occurred  because of a lack  of  ideology in accordance with the government.


Many groups were not satisfied with what the Indonesian government was implementing, so there were  a lot of  people themselves, such as  the DTI  movement,  and the  center itself was  in Indonesia  , such as West Java.


Indonesia still has many places, such as Kalimantan, Aceh, or Sulawesi   , but ultimately the   government has successfully   carried out the efforts that have taken place The effort was a success because the resistance  was given quite strongly by  various parties  .    It’s still  widely known by the public.


Background in TII West Java


The tainted Islamic  movement  of the Indonesian  Islamic Army  itself  is  a movement  in the  political arena with the beginning of development  in   the Tarsimalaya  region.This resistance was originally identified       by Islamic    State 1 Andonia   This happened a few years  after the  exact  announcement on August 7, 1949.


Rebellion in TI West Java led by Sekamaggi figure Marijan Katosowijo      The end is meant to    create Indonesia  to  become an Islamic state  that is to declare itself to  Niyi.    This incident itself occurred because Katosowiajo   was distressed by the  contents of the  Reville Agreement  .


The content of the treaty itself is believed to abuse the hero’s honor of independence.The  subject  of the treaty itself is The West  Ja It was the    Indonesian province where  the Dutch  forced the abandonment  of the  Bava region.  In fact, as far as this resistance has occurred   Katoso Viajo is already a politician   , so it is  not surprising  that he has so much  political experience .


Even in Indonesia’s   Sarajevo Islamic Party, Bleu is very interesting about Islam, he should use it in his leadership. There was also the thought of a jaracteristic politics,  and every branch in Indonesia  could be  united by the  background of the TII and  to attack a  disagreeable government .


It is not moving because of a common ideology  of a religious philosophy; its leader  from West Java also inspires  leaders and members  of the movement The independence of the Republic of  Indonesia, which  is still dominated  by   the  Dutch  who want to  continue to  control Indonesia, Katoso Viajo  This resistance   was  real  because it was not  satisfied.


Aim to create a movement at TI


 As a  movement    , TII itself is     trying to create a country that  is  fundamental to Islam  .    And the country was  liberated by Dutch colonization.


For  more     details,  the purpose of this resistance itself is   to  create an Indonesian Islamic State recognized by the state  .  In fact, they also want  to be  recognized by international law.    Because it wants  Indonesia to be  a country  that  has an  Islamic basis.


The leader  of this movement   is to make Islamic law so that it becomes  the  law of  the Indonesian state, of course, hadid and The guidance of two things named Quran comes: an  Islamic  state  because they want  to change  Islamic laws to  be synonymous with  Islam  It was organized.


The objective of the uprising in TII  West Java was that the figures were the ideology and metaphor of Hadid and the Quran In addition to the existence of the two things, they argue that    they  are  considered  unbelievers  ,   but   It’s very  unfortunate that the main purpose of this  movement is set up to attack  the  Dutch.


As everyone knows, Indonesia itself has the most diverse beliefs, six of which have  the  largest religions  and has been recognized by the  state,  so it is not wise to  make Islam more distinctive than other  religions.


Rebel founder in TII West Java


The advent of  the DI movement itself was  initially because two people were  suspected of having an important role in the  formation of the   action  The first person was  the locust of Jusuftaziri, who was  the early  part  of the creation of a peaceful Islamic  movement. Said to be  the founder in  the   ranks.


But  eventually he also   withdrew  his support for Katos Ouierjo for attacking the  Indonesian  state  , but many  people know   that the  main character       for the DI itself is  Katoso Viajo.   The figure born and raised almost  consumed time  in West Java.


In fact, he himself was not native to West Java, but a Central Java originally born in Sepu, where  the location of the area itself was Bojora. Born on  February 7,  1905  , he received an  education  using the Dutch in primary school  .


In fact, his story also lacked much insight into Islam and Arabic.  There  was even a class to enter the Tabert School  , where he met,  and then  Omarside, who became president of the PSII.


The   DII West Java movement itself is  a bad response initially given by Katos O Weyerjo and his group Theagreement was made by agreement from Indonesia and the Netherlands: This is Darul Islam and    members of the military  TII itself.


Crushing the insurgency at West Jarva TII                                    


The  incident  in West Java is the largest event in the country  and is  remembered by almost everyone, even in some places, supporting the movement,  with the goal of forming a state in accordance with Islam.


At the time, even the government of the Republic of Indonesia declared independence and attacked the Dutch again.  Of course, this makes it   harsh for many things so that the government can eliminate the  movement  ,  and  the goal is to combine neglect of one thing.


In West Java, this crackdown began in a peaceful way, where the committee was formed, but the way it was done was unsuccessful. By using an alternative method of operations, they were pursued again,  and  Katoso Viajo was eventually arrested in the Saleh Mountains in 1962.


The operation also applies to the community to limit the activity of TII members.    In  other words, the movement in TII West Java became  a major event after the independence you have to know, not a few  casualties.

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