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6 Easy Ways to Check BCA Credit Card Limit

Knowing at least 6 ways to check your BCA credit card limit can add insight to  the users or loyal customers of this bank . PCA is one of the banks that offers the best service and has many users in Indonesia. This bank always provides convenience to every user.

When using any credit card, it is very important for users to know how to check the limit. Otherwise, the used transaction may even exceed the limit. If that happens, the user will find it difficult. So, learn the method below as much as possible.

6 Ways to Check BCA Credit Card Limit

Various tips have been prepared for those of you who need to know the limitations or limitations of the card. All routes are prepared as much as possible from the easiest way to the most practical way. Right off the bat, here’s how.

  1. SMS Banking

The users of every bank should be well aware of this. Including customers from BCA.   You can check the extent of your  credit card by sending an SMS via the bill (location) access code (location) credit card number.


  1. M Banking
  2. How to check PCA credit card limit can also be accessed through M Banking. To receive this application, users need to register themselves with the nearest branch office. Turn on this app and find the transaction menu. You can enter your credit card number and press the pin to get information on limits


  1. Halo BCA

If customers want to use this method, they will inevitably have to prepare the loan in advance.  You can contact 500888 to ask for information about credit card limits or limitations .


  1. Through mobile phone

The most interesting thing about PCA is that it can check the range via a mobile phone.  One of the 6 ways to check the PCA credit card limit can be accessed through a mobile phone.  You can dial *141#. Then, proceed by selecting the number 2 credit card bill. àà


If you have a lot of  credit cards  , proceed by selecting all types of cards.   Or, customers can also choose the billing-per-card menu. Then, all users will receive a notification regarding the range of their card.


  1. Click on BCA

To check this way, customers can first visit website. However, you  need to enter your username and password from the internet banking service to get the billing information menu


  1. Come directly to the BCA office

If the customer has time, come to the branch office. This is  one of the 6 easiest ways to check the PCA credit card limit, and it can be done by anyone. Then, ask the customer service about the information you want to receive.

How to create a BCA credit card

Having  a credit card  can sometimes be used as a solution for some people to deal with problems in their lives. However, however, how to use it should also be correct. Therefore, customers will not get into adverse things. PCA also offers attractive credit card services to use.

When using it, of course, 6 ways to check the PCA credit card limit should still be a handle. Therefore, the customer will not slip into a mistake. For new users,  how do I use this credit card?

First of all, the customer has to submit it.   The requirements to be met when you are about to apply are an identity card, information about income, a photocopy of the current account, and an NPWB. All this data will be asked for by BCA Customer Service when you submit.

To the right from the bat, you can go to the officer with the steps below.

  1. Fill out the form
  2. Fill in the complete biodata
  3. Fill in the family biomass
  4. Nominal content of the original salary
  5. The bank will monitor and process it. Then, you will be contacted to perform the next procedure.

It’s not too complicated, is it? Therefore, you can consider using it. Its use is very easy and credit cards  can also be used to pay for various needs.

Things to know while using a BCA card

Have  you found 6 ways to check the BCA credit card limit?  This will help its users in using it every day.   There are many interesting things to do if  you  are a customer of this bank.

Different types of transactions can be easily done without being complicated. However, you need to understand how to use it. Otherwise, of course you will be confused when making a transaction.

  1. location

Please note that not all locations offer machines to run BCA credit cards. Therefore, do not be careless when using it. In some places only mastercards can be served.    Make sure you have a credit card machine when you’re going to use it.


  1. Confirm the number of controls

6 ways to check the BCA credit card limit are very useful when you are shopping. First, you need to make sure that the limit is still sufficient to make a purchase. Do not give injections to the vendors, make sure to keep the shopping receipt, because there will be the remaining limit on your card.


  1. Online Shopping

Online shopping has become a very mushrooming thing among the general public. It is done by a lot of people every day. In fact, this card can actually be used for online shopping, starting with shopping at various online stores, paying for tickets and so on.

You will feel safe and comfortable if you are already familiar with some of these things. To avoid getting confused while using the card, make sure that all information related to the use of the card is known.

Types of BCA credit cards you need to know

What kind of BCA credit card do you use? Well,  in addition to knowing the information related to the 6 ways to check the PCA credit card limits, you also need to choose the right card. Each card has its own advantages. The range of each pitcher of a card isnot the same. In fact, the conditionsare definitely different.

Here are various cards to choose from and use.

  1. Visa Card

For this type of credit card, the limit reaches 24 million and refunds can be made up to 4 million every day. This is highly recommended for those of you who are  making a large nominal transaction.


  1. MasterCard

If you are one of those people who travel or travel a lot, MasterCard is the best solution. The limit reaches 20 million and the annual cost is very affordable, which is only 125 thousand rupees.


  1. BCA Card

For this type of credit  card,  it is available in a variety of Mul AI options from platinum, Indomaret card and daily card. All of these cards have their own advantages. As far as platinum type is concerned, it has a very high range compared to other types.


As for the daily card,  it can be used to make purchases related to daily needs. The Indomaret card is used to receive various advertisements on Indomaret because this card is actually issued by Indomaret in conjunction with Indomaret.

The use of credit cards has become commonplace in everyday life.  You can use it as intelligently and intelligently as possible. Use it to the best of your ability to avoid getting stuck in mountain shelves.  Now know the top 6 ways to check the PCA credit card limit.

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