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Gojek into what counts as its bagi driver

What did Gojek fall into? It must be said by those who do not know what to do with the driver. For online motorcycle taxi drivers themselves are in high demand. In Indonesia, give online motorcycle taxi stands. Rangojek is the most angry

Gai Gojek was first passed on in Taiya, Indonesia. Gojek was a big company. Its company was founded in 2010. One of the founders is Nadiem Makarim, Indonesia’s Minister of Education.

Today, Gojek has many subsidiaries. With a complete package, the company’s letter will continue for years to come. If you want to be a driver, it’s a good thing. Why gojek entered, this is all said

Goyek gave the person a driver

Gojek’s wage system is a good driver. When drivers pay attention to passengers, the gains are huge, ranging from millions of rupees. Yu will pay by himself, high and current price different.

If you ask Jijun to enter, at peak times, the driver should get 2500 rupees for every kilometre crossed. It is also common to earn 2,000 rupees per kilometre. Up to 20 orders per day.

Today, if the order is 5 kilometers away, there are usually 10 times, and there are 10 times at the peak. In an order, the driver gets 125,000 benefits for the peak, 10 more than usual, 000 benefits. Ten lines for everyone.

So the daily income is 225,000, with its peak, 125,000 high, and 100,000 constant hours. If the driver has made 5 orders, he will receive a bonus of up to Rs 160,000 per day. Yes, its total daily income reached 275,000.

A driver earns Rs 8.25 million for 30 days a month. If it can be followed day by day, the number is large. However, according to the driver, his entry is very. In the world of online motorcycle taxis, there are often several types of silence

However, according to the driver, the passengers are often very full, and if they continue to open an account, it is difficult to rest. This driver will be of great benefit as well.  This is not a factor

Choose the driver’s win

From the above point of view, it is clear that a driver can make a person earn a salary of 8 million rupees per month. However, the number is not easy to obtain. Only large companies provide this salary for their employees.

In addition, the amount is counted as Gojek also earned. There are also numbers, in fact, the driver knows it. Online motorcycle taxi operators, get bonuses also. Please note that the gojek bonus is quite large

On the solution, get over 50,000 orders, bonus up to Rs 160,000. In the actual case, the maximum amount of the bonus is reached. Driver Deacon Day bonus.

The amount received varies. In other words, the more diligent the driver, the greater the benefit. If you count the amount of gojek earned, you can get enough money

Although, Gojek is also concerned about the safety of his drivers. One is to be stored in insurance. Yes, insurance can be eliminated. The deposit of insurance also does not allow the driver to pay in installments.

Insurance drivers divisor per order. Therefore, Gojek’s order fee is discounted by hundreds of percent, for the driver, for insurance also. Nianda also does not provide insurance for employees, which is also profitable.

Although many competitors also have to order a little

When Gojek enters, everyone realizes that the benefits are great. However, such latent goodness must be influenced by the consciousness of many competitors. In Gojek, orders are unified by bidding

One ojol must compete with his ojol so that the order may arrive. Mortals receive orders first, and who will choose the order. Therefore, there is simplicity, to compete under OJOL.

The first words are on Jun’s mobile phone. Try a Goge mobile phone. When the mobile phone has high quality, the potential to win orders is greater. When the cover receives the order, the opportunity for relay is small.

Always remember, counting the gojek entered, the number of orders is the most important. However, the number of orders is small, and the profit is small. Recommended, make sure your phone has 3 GB or more of RAM. Please also use a 4G SIM card and above

Don’t forget to rate OJOL. OJOL is rated higher, and Dolly is greater. Chongrating happens to be subject to orders. Never refuse an order.

Gojek doesn’t mind. However, the number of orders will follow. Also make sure to serve passengers. Passengers rate their comfort considerably.

Department to obtain information

It seems that the plan has been answered. If he asks, go to the official office, please note that Gojek does not call the center

Someone is gojek, it must be this person who is delusional. However, there is no need to confuse, Gojek’s official office is already available in Zhucheng. Or use the live chat feature in the app.

If the child enters into the gojek, yes also. The potential for profit is huge, and the momentum is continuous. Work with gosendgomassage, goauto, turn more. In addition, the income is also large, how to count it in Gojek entry


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