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Western Javanese Goldfish Pindang Recipe

To try the processed pindang carp now, you don’t need to go to the Sundanese restaurant to be at home with the carp pindang recipe, typical of Western Java. Pindang carp is a popular processed salah from the land of Sunda, has a savory and slightly spicy taste, which makes people like it.

Fish is the most hunted food ingredient used as a meal. In addition to its savory taste, carp meat has a good nutritional content for the body. One of the most popular types of food is carp pindang from western Java.

The good news is that to try the savory and spicy taste of this Western Javanese process, you don’t have to bother far, at home you can already cook this food using the recipe for goldfish pindan, typical of Western Java.   But before that, know in advance how to choose fresh fish so that the taste quality of the dishes remains good.

Tips for choosing fresh fish in the market or supermarket

To get a good taste from this recipe for western Javanese carp pindang, you need to choose a good quality fish. The nutritional content of this food ingredient is very high and good if the quality of the fish is good. It is not often that there are sellers who sell poor-quality, so you need to know the characteristics of fresh fish, here are its features:

  1. Pay attention to his eyes.

The good quality characteristics of the fish dengan can be seen from his eyes. If the eyes are still clean and light black in the middle, then most likely it is of good quality. On the contrary, if you have pale eyes, it is possible to make sure that the quality is not good.

  1. The gills are red.

Before buying, you must first pay attention to the gills. If the gills are red and look cleaner, it means that the quality is good or still fresh. If the gills are light or slightly brown, this indicates a decrease in quality.

  1. Scales are shiny and strong when removed.

To see a good quality fish, you can also see it through the side. If the scales are still shiny and do not easily descend when pulling, this indicates that the quality is very good. Well, and vice versa, if the scales look dull and very easily peel off, then most likely it is of poor quality.

  1. The aroma is not bad breath.

This step is the smell of smell. Fresh goldfish has a distinctive aroma and does not allow the nose to sag. If the quality is poor From the aroma you can check whether the smell is rotten, it is possible to make sure that the quality is very bad.

  1. The flesh is brightly colored.

The final step to seeing the quality is to pay attention to the color of the body. When the flesh is brightly colored and looks fresh, this indicates good quality. On the other hand, if it has poor quality, the color will be dull and unpleasant.

Western Javanese Goldfish Pindang Recipe

Carp pindang is the food of sunda, which is loved by all wheels, both adults and children. With a delicious taste, the appetite increases even more. In addition to the fact that this preparation is tasty, it also contains nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

Making this food is also not difficult if you know how to do it properly and correctly. Therefore, if you want to make this dish, here is the recipe for the Western Javanese carp pindan , which you can try at home and is easy to make.

Ingredients to prepare :

  1. Goldfish according to needs.
  2. 250 ml of cooking oil.
  3. Water moderately.

Spices, which must first be examined:

  1. One segment of turmeric seasoning
  2. Six onions.
  3. Four pieces of garlic.
  4. Pecans only three grains.
  5. Two red peppers, which were first removed from the seeds.
  6. One galangal gap and two knitted stems of lemongrass.
  7. Three congratulatory sheets.
  8. Three onion stalks have already been cut into slices.
  9. A tablespoon of granulated sugar.
  10. Broth in powder form to taste.

 Method of production:

The first step is to carefullywash the fish from the scales. Then grease with salt and fry first using boiling oil. Do not forget when you fry the fish once back so that it does not destroy the shape. When boiling another drain.

For the next step, mix all the spice ingredients, and then crush it with a blender to make it faster. After that, use the used oil to pre-cook the fish to sauté this spice. Stew the spices until a smell appears that tempts the appetite. Next, add water to taste.

The last stepisto put the fish in a pan filled with spices, then add the onion pieces to add good taste. Wait until the spices are absorbed, if necessary, first taste a little to make sure that the spices are well absorbed. The recipe for pindang of Western Javana carp is ready to serve.

Add Lalaban and impromptu Sambal

Sundanese cuisine with West Javana’s carp pindang recipe cannot be distinguished from lalabano and impromptu chili sauce. Also with this golden fish pinssey. Now, to increase your appetite, let’s make an impromptu chili sauce that is simple and easy for you to make at home.


  1. Four cloves of shallots of garlic.
  2. Four pieces of chili or to taste.
  3. Five pieces of cayenne pepper or to taste.
  4. A teaspoon of pre-baked shrimp paste.
  5. A teaspoon of salt.
  6. 35 g of brown sugar.
  7. One tomato is pre-cut into slices.

Method of production:

The method of preparation is very easy to mix all the ingredients and then examine it using a tear or blender. But to make the taste of chili sauce tastier, it is better to smooth it out using kobek. After making it tastier, when food prepares lalaban in the form of cucumbers, basil, eggplants and other types of Sundanese lalaban.

The benefits of eating goldfish for the body

In addition to the tasty and savory taste of processed fish with a typical recipe for western Javanese carp pindan It has good benefits for your body. Goldfish is a species of freshwater animal that is rich in nutrients for the body, here are the benefits that you can get from consuming.

Avoid heart problems. One of the ingredients in food is very good for maintaining heart health. The content of omega-three in goldfish is very useful for the heart, and also makes the heart rate normal. When used twice a week, heart failure may be reduced.

In addition, there are many other benefits that you can get from consuming, such as helping brain development, preventing cancer, benefiting mental health, and helping children grow and develop. Goldfish are, in fact, a species of freshwater animals with many benefits for the body.

Making processed food made from fish is the right thing to do if you want food that is tasty and good for health. Well, so try the Western Javana carp pindang recipe and fill it with lalaban and impromptu chili sauce.

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